Believe in the Power of Prayer: Love

“Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal. “

I Corinthians 13:1

I must admit, love is not an easy way to go. Sometimes, we want to be angry and lash out. Sometimes we simply want revenge. Other times it is more convenient to be indifferent or uncaring. But, in the end, love IS the answer. Love answers to all things. It’s not easy. Our demonstrated love required an innocent man be given the death penalty as he was willingly accused of all of our crimes. All of our crimes were placed on his books. He bore the debt of death to save our lives. Buying a homeless person something to drink or eat can’t com-pare. Praying over a loved one who needs you to intercede doesn’t measure up. No. No act of love we can give will ever compare to the gift of love we have received.

Most Gracious and Heavenly Father,

My Savior, My God, My Friend and My Love.
I thank you for my life. I thank you for the air I breathe
and the thoughts within me.
I thank you for allowing me to be a vessel of strength,
courage, boldness and most importantly love.
Your love saved me just in the nick of time,
it was not late and it did not tarry.
It was everything you promised it would be.
You are faithful in your promise to love us unconditionally.
You promised that we could come boldly before the throne of grace
in our time of trouble and receive from your overflowing cup
of knowledge and instruction, thank you.
As we journey forward in our lives, embracing maturity,
we look with open and clear eyes seeing lives
that are not only touched by your love,
but by the love you have so gracefully given for us to give.
Please forgive us of our sins and help us to be more like
you each day.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

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