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Branding IS Strategic: Building Lifelong Business Relationships

Working in a corporate environment allows you to see how cutthroat and real business can be. People can be unethical, immoral and all manner of evil at times. It’s never a personal thing, it’s always about business. Unfortunately, left as it is, many a relationship can end – bitterly. I have found that no matter the circumstance, it is utterly important to forgive, ask forgiveness and leave the relationship on a level ground. No one needs lifelong enemies and you never know where you will be 10 years from now… or where the other person will be either.

I developed this workbook in 2015, after a series of layoffs at the television station I worked for. A layoff situation is almost always on a need-to-know basis and after I got laid off, I realized that some of the employees I’d worked side-by-side with for years knew it was coming. No matter what happened next in my life, I understood that maintaining a positive relationship with those employees would be integral to my success.

It could affect my personal brand in amazing or horrific ways. Branding IS Strategic and building lifelong business relationships is a critical step.

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