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Shattered Mirrors: Beauty Glimmers Between the Cracks

She’s a BOSSE is a leadership and etiquette class for young ladies ages 12 – 17. A BOSSE is a Beautiful Oasis of Success, Style and Elegance. We want to offsetThere are 5 factors that affect young ladies and their self-esteem today. A shattered mirror is an analogy for what a young lady sees in herself when she looks in the mirror. It may take into account what others think, but most importantly it is based upon what SHE thinks of herself. As a young lady: body image, social presence, circumstance, consequence and self-esteem are all critical factors. As she becomes an adult, education, career choice, accomplishments and failures deepen the cracks. We find it is nearly impossible to restore a shattered mirror, so our goal is to avoid as much damage as possible by helping young ladies develop positive thoughts and ways to handle disappointment in themselves.